Life Skills at School

Life Skills workshops have been developed and run at Maningrida College with years 8, 9, and 10 throughout 2014. Great emphasis was placed on researching ways the curriculum could be best delivered by the facilitators and best received and understood by the students. As advised by members of the Community, the Classes were structured in male and female groups in keeping with advice from the community. The Menzies Centre for Child Development and Education ran eleven workshops with the student’s teachers in this time based on the following themes:

1) Building Awareness of Our Group

2) Who are We

3) What are Our Strengths

4) Working Together and Collaborating

5) Feelings and Actions

6) Acting, not Re-acting

7) Stop, Think, Act Cool

8) Be Cool

9) It can be Hard to be Cool

10) Saying “No”

11) Helping with Sadness, Grief and Loss

A 12th workshop was planned but was unable to be properly delivered due to logistical issues.

12) Celebration and Major Group Project

While there was an initial thematic outline of all twelve weeks, a part of the development of building capacity with the young participants by tapping into existing strengths involved reflection and redevelopment of the program on a needs basis. Consequently, changes were made to some of the final 6 themes to better address the needs identified through feedback given by the facilitators. During the last half of the workshops, time was allocated where possible to developing a final presentation to demonstrate the collective strengths of the young participants.

Currently an evaluation is underway with a view to revising the curriculum where needed, and delivering the program again in 2015.