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Mobile Preschool Evaluation

Project Manager: Georgie Nutton
Project Start/Finish Dates: 2008 - 2011
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parents making play dough with childrenWhat is the Mobile Preschool Program Evaluation?

The Mobile Preschool Program evaluation is a two year, NHMRC funded study designed to examine whether the Mobile Preschool model increases developmental outcomes and school readiness for children living in remote Indigenous communities. The study examines health and school readiness indicators of 5 year-olds from 30 remote communities, with data from schools, clinics, carers, teachers and community profiles. It's the first research of its kind to be conducted in Australia and the findings will play an important role in shaping early childhood services and policy for remote children.

What is the Mobile Preschool program?

The Mobile Preschool Program is a service delivery model used by the Northern Territory's Department of Education and Training to provide preschool to children aged 3 - 5 years who live in remote communities. The model is characterised by the use of a roaming (or mobile) preschool teacher who provides regular support and professional development to teachers from communities. Preschool is delivered 5 days a week for 2.5 – 3 hours a day

Newsletters from the Mobile Preschool Program:

Strong Start – Bright Futures (SSBF) Evaluation

The SSBF evaluation is being undertaken by Menzies School of Health Research on behalf of the NT Department of Education and Children’s Services.

Researchers from CCDE are undertaking a participatory evaluation of implementation and effectiveness of the SSBF program, an innovative ‘college’ model of education in a number of sites across remote NT.  The SSBF program seeks to extend the range of service provided through schools particularly in the years before school and in the transition to employment or further education.

CCDE researchers have a ‘critical friend’ role in the design and implementation of SSBF. They have developed a mixed method system to analyse data collected from staff and the community for ongoing monitoring of the initiative both by the department and the host communities.

More information about the evaluation project and the research dataset, is available from Research Data Australia.