CCDE Seminar - Hospitalisation for self harm


“Who is hospitalised for suicidal behaviour in the NT and what are their outcomes?” 


Tuesday 22 November 11am – 12 noon (tea and coffee afterwards)  

Seminar Room 1.48 Red 9 Building – Charles Darwin University


Keynote Speaker: Bernard Leckning  

Decades of research has shown that previous suicidal behaviour is one of the strongest risk factors for death by suicide. The Northern Territory has had the highest rates of both hospitalised suicidal behaviour and death by suicide of any jurisdiction in Australia for some time, especially amongst Indigenous residents. This seminar will present findings from a follow-up study of NT residents hospitalised for suicidal behaviour. Discussion will focus on the risk factors associated with repeat hospitalisation and death by suicide and the implications for prevention. 

About the child health and development seminars

The Menzies Centre for Child Development and Education is pleased to present a series of seminars on issues of relevance to the development and well-being of children and adolescents in the Northern Territory and beyond. 

These seminars are relevant for practice in many fields including early childhood development, youth resilience, and child protection. The seminar format will allow ample time for discussion.  


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