Study at the Centre

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The Centre for Child Development and Education brings together some of Australia's leading researchers in the field of developmental health.  We offer opportunities to work, study, or undertake research within an institution that is dedicated to improving the lives of Indigenous Australians. The Centre provides opportunities to achieve outcomes that will make a difference in the lives of today's children.

For full details about opportunities for study, further education and research, visit the Menzies School of Health Research website.

Our Students

The Centre is proud to have the following PhD and masters students being supervised by our researchers. This is a practical demonstration of our commitment to developing research expertise in the Northern Territory.   

Claire Bartlett PhD - Lessons learned from the implementation of the national accelerated literacy program; a case study on educational reform in the NT. 

Estella Ega PhD - Who speaks for me? Who listens anyway? Factors affecting responses to Social Research in Indigenous Australians and African Migrants’ communities. Case Studies of Australia’s Northern Territory. 

Gokula Chandran PhD - Neighbourhoods, environments and development of children in the NT. 

Rebecca Nelson PhD - A cross-sectional correlation of quantitatively measured maternal resilience with child health outcomes. 

Santie Du Plessis - PhD - Adaptive behaviour assessment system-Indigenous Australian Adaptation Mode. 

Sue Edwards - Masters by Research - Psycho-educational assessment of remote Indigenous students in the Northern Territory.