Methodologies for Generating Indices of (Dis)Advantage in the Northern Territory (NT)

Indices of community-level (dis)advantage attempt to capture the cumulative effect of a variety of observed factors. While current ABS and other measures perform well when applied to ‘mainstream’ communities they are poor predictors when applied to NT communities that experience; extreme poverty, a high proportion of Indigenous residents or extreme remoteness. This project will develop Indices specific to these groups.

We intend to have 6 cohorts based on Indigenous status and (3-level) degree of remoteness and will generate Indices specific to these groups using both methodologies. We will assess their performance against the standard measures and Biddle’s Index of Indigenous Regions (Biddle CAEPR Working Paper 50/2009, and also investigate the utility of individual-level indices when personal demographic data are also available.

Contact: John McKenzie, Menzies School of Health Research.


Phone: (08) 8946 8433