Director's Message

We need to strengthen research on child development vulnerability and resilience to guide efforts to improve the wellbeing of Australian children. This need is particularly acute with respect to strategies to improve outcomes for Indigenous communities, both in the Northern Territory and across Australia. All the indicators point to a crisis in society’s ability to respond to child vulnerability and youth wellbeing in Indigenous communities.

At the Centre for Child Development and Education, our responsibility is to provide evidence to inform society’s response to this crisis. We need evidence concerning the determinants of outcomes and the effectiveness of policies at the population level. We need evidence about the contextual determinants of outcomes in our distinctive and diverse communities. And we need contextually grounded evidence about the effectiveness and appropriateness of policies and interventions to improve developmental health and wellbeing. The Northern Territory confronts challenges to building population capability and achieving fairness and responsiveness to needs that are quite unlike those of other Australian jurisdictions. Our research aims to inform how we can better understand and negotiate these challenges.





   Gary Robinson



Professor Gary Robinson