About the Centre


Michelle Woody with Maria

The Centre for Child Development and Education is committed to improving the lives of Indigenous and non-Indigenous children through research to support better health, education and wellbeing. Scientific consensus indicates that significant and sustained public investment in the early years is essential if we are to reduce inter-generational disadvantage and promote the health and wellbeing of populations.

The Centre is committed to:

  • Conducting rigorous research into the determinants of developmental outcomes for children and youth
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of interventions and services to promote child development and wellbeing
  • Disseminating information and advice to communities, services, and researchers
  • Working to translate findings into improved public policy and programs, and
  • Collaborating to build research capacity in child health, education, and family services.


 Our research is designed to assist children to reach their developmental potential. We examine the social and economic factors that affect children’s long-term health, learning, and wellbeing.

  • We work with government and policy-makers to establish an evidence base to inform policy development and service delivery. This ensures that our research is translated into real benefit for the community.
  • We help to design frameworks for monitoring and evaluation of programs, services and policies. We also provide support for training and implementation of services and programs, and undertake consultancies on critical issues.